About Us

IRIS FLORISTS, Established in the year of 2004 with core aim to give unsurpassed and paramount services to their customers. IRIS FLORISTS was Founded by Mr.Umesh K, now its branches are expanded to Coastal City Udupi.

The IRIS FLORISTS is committed to providing professional quality service and floral designs for our customers. Each Bouquet is crafted with attention and with the freshest flowers available. We are aware of and experienced with the sensitive nature of floral gifts. We use our discretion throughout the sending process from, the initial order to the delivery with the intention to preserve the thoughtfulness of the floral gift and its occasion. All our floral arrangements are hand delivered with expertise. This extends the longevity and integrity of the flowers. Our prompt delivery service allows for superior freshness which can be enjoyed immediately. Our network of florist’s are accustomed at expediting floral orders and creating stunning floral bouquets, which are beautiful and that can be appreciated by the recipient.

We offer a wide selection of floral creations. Our customers can be confident with their decision of choosing from our extensive variety of sophisticated floral arrangements which can accommodate nearly all budgets and floral needs.

Our experienced floral representatives are friendly and pride themselves in offering an attention to detail and a unique customer experience. Pink Lotus focuses on providing services that meet and exceed our customer’s floral needs.

We hope that you find your time spent online with www.irisflorists.com informative and enjoyable, whatever you’re looking for. If you have any problems or comments, we’d like to hear them!

We appreciate your feedback, as we don’t want to compromise on anything. So make use of the feedback section or email us at florist@irisflorists.com and be assured we will make our best efforts towards it.
We are here to help. Messages are personally read and replied to by our customer service department – you can be sure that somebody will be working to solve your problem or take note of your comments. After mailing customer service you will normally receive an automatic “acknowledgement of receipt” mail, followed by a personal reply.
Wishing you many flowery occasions!

Yours Bloomingly,

Iris Florists